Fast credit offers a very quick Online Application Form, low interest rates, up to 15 months flexible repayment tenor

They were offering a maximum of 6 months but now have updated it to 15 months. They offer loans to small and medium business owners. Besides busness loans to SME’s, Fast Credit offers quick instant cash loans to employees of corporate companies.

4. Specta Loan

With Specta, you can access up to 5 million naira in just 5 minutes without any collateral. Specta provides credit for all your needs. You can equally access up to 2 million naira to start your business. Specta gives loans to non-business owners and non salary earners. You can equally check your Specta Credit Score before you apply.

5. QuickCheck Loan

With QuickCheck you’ll never go broke again. There’s no long queues. There’s no too much documents required. All you need is just your smartphone and the QuickCheck App. QuickCheck uses machine learning to predict borrower’s behaviour and instantly evaluate loan applications.

6. C24 Loan

C24 has empowered 180,000+ customers. They offer personal and business loans. They also offer instant online cash loans to people that’re urgently in need. C24 online loan application can be completed within 5 minutes and a loan application feedback is sent back almost immediately. They have a very flexible repayment plan. C24 has a very competitive interest rate.

7. ONEFi Loan

OneFi offers small credit amount to credit worthy individuals. They also have a very flexible repayment plan. Repayment schedule is between 3 – 6 months and an individual can access up to 200,000 naira.

8. Carbon/PayLater Loan

Formerly known as Paylater, before it was acquired by carbon and the name was changed to carbon. With carbon, no collateral, no guarantor, no long and tedious forms required. It’s very easy to secure a loan with carbon in minutes. Their online services is available 24/7 and you will be automatically given a carbon account number where you’ll repay your loans and your disbursement will land the original source in less than 3 minutes. When you repay on time, you’ll unluck higher amounts. Depending on your credit score, you’ll receive from 15,000 naira upwards. You can receive up to 2 million naira if you maintain a good credit history with them.

9. Aella Credit Loan

With Aella credit, you can borrow to invest, pay bills, and get health insurance. Aella supports small and medium business owners. With Aella, you can access up to 1 million naira. Aella also have a very flexible repayment schedule. They offer quick and instant loans in minutes. Whether you’ll get a loan with Aella or not depends heavily on the proprietary credit scoring algorithm that determines the creditworthiness of its users.

10. Zedvance Loan

Zedvance offers unsecured loans up to 5 million naira in less than 24 hrs depending your credit score. no collateral required, no paper work and theirs no single hidden charges involved. Zedvance is located in Lagos and have their headquarters address in Lagos. To apply for Zedvance quick credit loan, all you need to do is

  • Create an online account
  • Select the loan package that suits your needs
  • Answer few questions
  • Receive the loan directly in your account.

11. Lidya Loan

Lidya is a US based loan company, it offers you the opportunity to expand your business through personal and business loans. With Lidya, you can access a quick loan within minutes and get your account credited without any collateral or paper work. Lidya loans give you the opportunity to expand your business and generate more income. Lidya provides loan financing based on the cashflow in your bank account and without collateral. You can apply for Lidya loan in three easy steps: