Officers: Donna Roberts, President; Linda Tart, Vice-president; Lisa Gerretson, Secretary; Connie Dameron, Treasurer; Charles Morrow, Historian; Faculty advisors: Ms

The purpose of the company should be to provide a design having important student wedding and trigger demand for the new disciplines out-of dietetics and you can eating services

An organisation regarding the College from House Economics, the new College student Dietetic Connection took part in a meal Tell you-Exposition into the Charlotte, N. C. when you look at the February.

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Marilyn Steele and you may Dr. Lewis Forrest. Members: Lori Baker, Judith Beavers, Renne Beringer, Robin Beyer, Sharon Brown, Cathy Burtt, Cathy Butler, Michael Calvert, Vickie Casey, Jan Cobb, Karen Cooper, Shirley Dickerson, Betty Ewan, Susan French, Jane Griffin, ona Jones, Holly Lancaster, Ervin Leonard, Carolyn Mansfield, Age Massey, John McBeath, Maria Melts away, Susan Moore, Debra Murray, Patricia Neely, Staris Newsome, Barbara Paul, Sharon Parr, Pamela Bush, Patsy Riggs, Catherine Rubel, Cathy Sanders, Beverly Sanges, Catherine Shaw, Cindy Sherman, Karen Silverman, Norma Smiley, Pamela Solomon, Melanie Stout, Sue Taylor, Wanda Temple, Berry Welch, Polly Wellons, Mary Western.

A couple audio system read of the Phi Upsilon Omicron, a keen honorary House Business economics providers, were Ms. Sarah Dickson from the Pitt County Wellness Agencies just who spoke for the January on dining laws and regulations and fitness statutes; and you can Evelyn Spangler, who spoke inside February concerning the clothes. The business including kept a cookout in may. The intention of the business is always to advance Home Business economics and you may end up being of solution for the occupation; to arrange a group of individuals with similar beliefs and you may elite interests; to simply help him or her in being effective management; in order to expose lasting friendships and you will promote large top-notch integrity certainly one of new members.

Above: Officers: Debbie Metzger, President; Lyn Stewart, Elite Vice president; Carolyn Mansfield, Membership Vp, Sheila Carpenter, Tape Secretary; Nancy Higginson, Involved Secretary; Jane Woodley, Treasurer; Susan Gross, Chaplain; Gretchen Heid, Historian; Susan Manning, Reporter; Connie Dameron, Librarian; Professors advisors: Dr. Members: Joyce Anderson, Susan Blalock, Marilyn Soles, Joan Bowie, Sally Bradsher, Nancy Byrd, Sheila Carpenter, Linda Charlier, Myra Cooper, Connie Dameron, Eargle, Debbie Easterling, Barbara Egerton, Caria Edwards, Joanne Erber, The month of january

Folsom, Debra Gamlin, Melanie Gibson, Lisa Cerretson, Susan Gross, Denise Hackney, Susan Harris, Gretchen Heid, Nancy Higginson, Ginny Hubard, Daphine Jones, Diane Joyner, Jena Johnston, Delight Klutz, Gail McAllister, Valerie McKinney, Ann McLaughin, Debra Manning, Susan Manning, Carolyn Mansfield, Sharon B. Meiggs, Cindy Miller, Louise O’Shea, Laura Owen, Bush, Jeanne Pearson, Lisa Privott, Dae Rountree, Ebbie Rogerson, Beverly Sanges, Sandra Sayer, Peggy Scharbach, Henrietta Vendors, Elaine Shook, Carol Small, y Dunn Simmons, Effie Sparrow, Carolyn Stewart, Mary Strickland, Callie Sugg, Carole Taylor, Sherry Troutman, Mollie Wilkerson, Donna Wilkins, Flower Winters, Jane Woodley, Carol Vance, Sharon VanHoy.

In may, people in the Group accomplished another movement in “Early Design of one’s Southern” during the Winston-Salem, Letter. C. During their head to, the team toured new 15 several months rooms at Art gallery away from Early South Pretty Arts or any other structures regarding the town away from Old Salem. Before inside pus expo from casing and administration majors’ profile performs on the Mendenhall Pupil Center. The reason for this new Category will be to enable the brand new elite group growth of ECU’s Construction and you may Government majors and you will minors; also to share passion to your realm of interior decorating that have almost every other children and with people with reached recognition from the build occupation.

Officers: Sheila Carpenter, President; Jeanne Pearson, Vice president; Lois DeNunzio, Secretary; Betsy Bennet, Treasurer; Willie Faye Bobo, Hostess: Faculty mentor: Mrs. Diana Carroll. Members: Suzie Halstead, Donna Wilkins, Nancy Byrd, Margaret Daniel, Nancy Darden, Julie Dickerson, Laine Englehart, Liz Gurlie, Flower Marie Jackson, Karen McNeiL, Deborah Morand, Libba Narron, Nancy Neil, Ann Owen, Lisa Privott, Dae Rountree, Becky Sheidy, Helen Turner.