Welcome to the Chudasama Group website

Based in University College London, our group is primarily focused on answering important biological questions through the application of Organic Chemistry. We do this by designing and tuning a variety of chemical tools (from chemoselective reagents with orthogonal “click” handles to photoswitchable azobenzenes) for the particular system we are studying.

We also work on novel methodologies based on aerobic C-H activation for the functionalisation of aldehydes, azo-dicarboxylates and various alkenes in a controlled manner.


06/10/17 Congratulations to Max Lee on obtaining his PhD!! – well deserved, great scientist
25/09/17 Huge welcome to Faiza Javaid who has joined the group on a Wellcome Trust studentship
23/05/17 Congratulations to PhD student André Shamsabadi on being awarded the Tuffnell Prize
06/05/17 Been a real pleasure to share our recent work in Leiden and Boston at ATDC and PEGS Boston
25/03/17 Our key translation works have now been accepted in RSC Advances and OBC – optimised ADCS, in vivo validated
07/12/16 PhD students from the Chudasama Group scoop two 1st prizes at national-level poster competitions in two days
30/11/16 My favourite paper of the year thus far published in my favourite journal (Chemical Science); “springy” PD is here
16/09/16 New papers published in Chemical Science and Oncotarget
08/09/16 Great trip to Lisbon for the 1st ITN workshop
16/08/16 Dual modification leading to applications in photodynamic therapy – published in Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences
15/06/16 Very pleased to have our review on the dual modification of biomolecules accepted in OBC and highlighted as a hot article
22/04/16 Very pleased to have accepted André on a Graduate Research Scholarship, Calise on an EPSRC CASE award with MRCT, Marcos on a DTA Studentship, and João on an ITN grant as PhD students – look forward to working with you all in the near future
01/04/16 Congratulation to Max on winning the Bader Prize and to Antoine on winning another poster prize (!)
21/03/16 Very pleased to have papers accepted in OBC (2) – well done Eifion, a paper in ACS MacroLetters with the Battaglia Research Group, and an article in J Chem Res – well done Max & Antoine
04/01/16 Very pleased to start 2016 with papers accepted in OBC and RSC Advances, and a review published in Nature Chemistry
01/01/16 Welcome to our two new post-docs: Dan and Ben
30/09/15 Welcome to our new group members: Emma (PhD); Ihaab, Noyonika, Calise and André (Masters)
15/09/15 Delighted to see our two-in-one reagent published in Chemical Science – Congratulations Max and Antoine
09/09/15 Fantastic to have the support of UCL through an UCL Excellence Fellowship
25/08/15 Our antibody-based photodynamic therapeutic work has been published in Chemical Communications – Congratulations Antoine
22/06/15 Great to see that our latest Albumin work in OBC – Congratulations Mark, Eifion et al.
 01/06/15 Great to see that our latest ADC work in Chemical Communications – Congratulations João, Mauricio et al.