Principle Investigator

Prof. Vijay Chudasama

Working in the areas of peptide/protein/materials modification and aerobic C-H activation

Other interests: Finance, economics, politics, various sports (esp. golf and F1), working with charities.



Post-Doctoral Research Associates / Research Fellows

Dr Steven Yap, PDRA

Working on protein modification

Other interests: Personal finance, tennis, and food and beverages.




Masters students

Mark Meszarik

Working on site-selective cysteine modification

Other interests: Photography, hiking, dancing, travelling and volleyball.




Maggie So

Working on pyridazinedione reagents for cysteine modification

Other interests:  Field hockey, F1, scuba diving, and travelling.





PhD students

Ioanna Thanasi

Working on the site-selective modification of antibodies and their applications

Other interests: Swimming, traveling and photography.




Lea Rochet

Working on antibody conjugation and bispecifics plus dynamic thiol conjugation

Other interests: I like travelling, music, TV series, cooking, novels.




Chapman Ho

Working on bioconjugation, nanomaterials, point-of-care diagnostics

Other interests: I am involved with grassroots football and habits like cycling/running. Other interests include music (making + listening) and reading books.



Mikesh Patel

Working on use of nitriles for antibody conjugation

Other interests: Marvel, Boxing, Photography.




Cliona McMahon

Working on antibody modification

Other interests: Taekwondo, food, travelling




Toby Butcher

Working on new approaches to site-selective protein modification.

Other interests: Guitar, tennis, chess and travelling.




Charlie Bishop

Working on antibody conjugation methods using cysteine-to-lysine transfer.

Other interests: Videogames, guitar, coding and sport.




Matthew Dagwell 

Working on investigating new biorthogonal nitrile click reactions and their applications.

Other interests: Tennis, Golf, and Language learning.




Romain Lotthe

Working on the development of PET/PDT Theranostics for High-Grade Glioma..

Other interests: Travelling, cooking, climbing, music and cinema.