Principle Investigator

Prof. Vijay Chudasama

Working in the areas of peptide/protein/materials modification and aerobic C-H activation

Other interests: Finance, economics, politics, various sports (esp. F1), working with charities and local community support groups.



Post-Doctoral Research Associates / Research Fellows

Dr Richard Spears, PDRA

Dr Richard Spears, PDRA

Working on peptide synthesis, protein bioconjugation

Other interests: Big fan of video games, cups of tea, and Yorkshire Puddings!




Dr Calise Bahou, PDRA Dr Calise Bahou, PDRA

Working on protein/materials modification

Other Interests: Travelling, Sports (Football, Rugby, Darts), Video Games, Cooking.




Dr Fabien Thoreau, PDRA

Working on antibody modification

Other interests: Family & friends, football, sport in general, board games, video games, Magic the gathering, baking, astrophysic.



Dr Steven Yap, PDRA

Working on protein modification

Other interests: Personal finance, tennis, and food and beverages.




PhD students

Peter Szijj

Working on bispecifics and their conjugates

Other interests: Board and video games, science fiction, history, politics, football, bouldering, skiing.




Alex Furby

Working on antibody-nanoparticle conjugates

Other interests: football, quizzing, language learning, reading non-fiction, sports memorabilia.




Nehaal Ahmed

Working on the aerobic C-H activation of various heterocycles

Other interests: Love anything involving fashion, sneakers (strictly Nike), trap music and cricket. Firm believer in good food being the only constant to happiness


Dounia Cherkaoui

Working on the development of antigen and molecular tests for infectious diseases in resource-limited settings

Other interests: travels, yoga and good food.



Ioanna Thanasi

Working on the site-selective modification of antibodies and their applications

Other interests: Swimming, traveling and photography.




Lea Rochet

Working on antibody conjugation and bispecifics plus dynamic thiol conjugation

Other interests: I like travelling, music, TV series, cooking, novels.




Chapman Ho

Working on bioconjugation, nanomaterials, point-of-care diagnostics

Other interests: I am involved with grassroots football and habits like cycling/running. Other interests include music (making + listening) and reading books.



Mikesh Patel

Working on use of nitriles for antibody conjugation

Other interests: Marvel, Boxing, Photography.




Cliona McMahon

Working on antibody modification

Other interests: Taekwondo, food, travelling